Episode 007: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Jon Gordon

Episode 007: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Jon Gordon

It’s All About Connection

Eddie and I interview best selling author Jon Gordon earlier this year and began by asking Jon about his recent success with the Power of Positive Summit in its second year. Jon discusses the process of putting the summit together and explains why he did it.

“People are looking outside at all the expectations, and the pressures, and the outcomes rather than looking inside to their love and their passion and their soul and their spirit which is where you really create true success.”

There is a lot of negativity in the world today. Jon adds that it is all about perspective.

“Negativity may be affecting you but it doesn’t have to be permanent. It is temporary, you can move through it with faith, belief, your mindset, your approach and your perspective. How you see the world determines the world that you see.”

Jon’s summit helps people to see their lives in a different way.

‘It’s a shift in the way that you are viewing your challenges. It’s not just a challenge, it is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve from the challenges you face.

The conversation with Jon covers his struggles to get his first book published and the grit that was required to finally get the book published. Jon explains the role of positivity in our lives. “The more you believe in a brighter and better future, you actually take the actions to create it. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Eddie and I even had an opportunity to discuss what makes great teams great while talking about professional basketball and the work that Jon has done with the Miami Heat and Clemson.

“Whether it is a sports team, a business team, a school team, you name it – it’s about being a team that is connected. The more connected you are as a team the more committed you will be. Everyone wants a committed team but you will never have commitment without connection.”

We wrap up the conversation talking about how Jon uses fables in his books and why he started writing with stories. After our interview, Eddie and I stick around for a bit to discuss our thoughts about the interview.

Thanks again Jon for being our guest.

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