Episode 004: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Malcolm Fry

Episode 004: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Malcolm Fry

Confidence Breeds Confidence

When Eddie Vidal and I first started discussing the potential of doing a podcast together, my dear friend Malcolm Fry was one of the first people I thought of that would make a great guest. It took Eddie and I a while to coordinate our schedules with Malcolm but it was just as I had anticipated. Malcolm is such an amazing person with a rich career in ITSM but also in giving back to others in the industry. I have personally had many conversations with Malcolm and many trips abroad where I was fortunate to be in his company and he is a respected and cherished friend.

We begin the podcast by asking Malcolm about his authenticity in the industry and how he is both an expert and respected speaker and author – what contributed to his confidence? Malcolm replied, “I have always believed in what I’m doing. If I don’t believe in it, I don’t do it.”

Malcolm tells the story of the unexploded bomb in his childhood neighborhood and discusses how important family is in life. When asked about what advice he has for others Malcolm provided his perspective, “You can only speak the truth if you question what is told. Ask questions, investigate, and don’t be frighted to challenge.” We have a lively discussion about confidence and how that impacts careers and professionalism. “Leadership is only successful if you have followership,” Malcolm adds when asked about his success as a leader. “Always look for the next level, where do you want to go. Not just any job but the one that works for your personality. Look for which path is your path.”

We discuss topics from world politics to the future of ITSM. Malcolm shares his views on how ITSM will drive artificial intelligence. When asked what he is most proud of, Malcolm easily said he is most proud of what he has contributed to his family.

Join Eddie and me in this great episode with Malcolm Fry.

You can get Malcolm’s books  on Amazon:

Thanks again Malcolm for being our guest.

Listen Now!

Listen Now!


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  1. David Ratcliffe - May 18, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Great ! And so easy to listen to, too.

    Even though I began working with Malcolm in 1986 and he helped me get started in this biz, it’s nice to discover there’s always new lessons to learn about ITSM, and life, from the Grand Master. Thanks Julie & Eddie!


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