Episode 003: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Manley Feinberg II

Episode 003: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Manley Feinberg II

Born with that Intense Focus

In this podcast, Eddie and I interview one of our dear friends Manley Feinberg II. I met Manley back in 2010 when he attended one of my sessions. He approached me after the session to tell me what my message meant to him and our friendship has only strengthened since then. One of the most endearing parts of Manley’s experience and background is his ability to share with true authenticity – admitting both failures as well as success. Our podcast was a great way to trace back through the launch of his speaking career and better understand the how behind his success.

It doesn’t take long to see why Manley is so successful. “I get intensely obsessed with pursuing things, if I am going to do something, I’m going to do it at a very high level. I was born with that intense focus.”

Manley brings that intensity not only to his professional career but also to his climbing pursuits. Listen in to Manley’s discussion on how he reversed engineered the climbing approach to apply it to the business world.

“I go half way around the world, meet people I have never met before, and often don’t even speak the same language – and then create a team in ½ a day and accomplish an objective that we weren’t even sure we could pull off together and we push through adversity.” Manley discusses how he was able to use those climbing experiences to produce the same results in the business world.

Manley also shares his new book that portrays a real epic story of one of Manley’s climbing adventures – and discusses how this story provides lessons that can improve your personal and professional lives. “People appreciate that I am vulnerable and authentic and I definitely don’t try to make me out to be a superstar.”

Manley reveals that success starts out with a little bit of humility, admitting that you don’t know everything. You have to strike a balance. You can be vulnerable without putting yourself at risk to be fired. “Come in with the right attitude. No one wants to work with a know-it-all.”

“Invest in yourself, and it always pays off. At some point, you’re going to have some momentum and it’s going to be really uncomfortable – and you are going to have to take a leap.”

You can get Manley’s book Reaching Your Next Summit: 9 Vertical Lessons for Leading with Impact on Amazon.

Thanks again Manley for being our guest.

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Listen Now!

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