Episode 002: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Laurie Guest

Episode 002: The Authenticast Interview with Author & Speaker Laurie Guest

Laughing While Learning!

Sitting down and speaking with Laurie Guest is like pulling up your chair to the dining room table and conversing with your lifelong friend. While Eddie and I had planned to ask Laurie a set of questions, the best part of the conversation was completely unscripted. And when you listen, you will understand why – Laurie is as genuine as you can find and a perfect guest here on the Authenticast.

Eddie and I had a chance to meet the incredible, gifted speaker at the ITSMF Fusion conference in Orlando, FL. Her message to the audience was engaging, meaningful, and resulted in actionable takeaways. Just ask Eddie, who was able to bring one thing home that helped create ripples.

Listen in on Laurie’s journey from corporate America to doing what she was born to do – be a speaker. In Laurie’s own words, “Born to do, it’s why I was put here.” We also discuss Laurie’s book, Wrapped In Stillness: A Personal Retreat Guide. Laurie explains it well, “I don’t have your answers, I do have the right questions.” Her book encourages readers to take a personal retreat, to “get away and get a plan.”

Laurie has chartered her own course. She encourages us all to listen to our inner voices to help find the right path in life. “A lot of people think and talk, fewer people just go do.” Eddie and I think you will enjoy this one….and if you stick around until the end there is a special guest who drops in to share just how valuable Laurie’s message is.

Thanks again Laurie for being our guest.

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